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[發表時間]:2019-12-23 [來源]:小學高端英語教育項目組


This week the high-end English education program team of the primary school held a teaching and research meeting. The theme of this meeting was the planing for the final assessment. The meeting was presided over by Song Hualei, the director of this program. All foreign teachers and Chinese Co-teachers in this team attended this meeting.



At the very beginning of the meeting, Song emphasized the importance of the final assessment, which is not only the test of students’ study in this semester, but also the opportunity for teachers to reflect on their teaching. The purpose of assessment is not to rank students, but to improve teaching. Song suggested that foreign teachers can discuss their assessment plan from these aspects: when to do the assessment, the form of the assessment, the instruction of grade and the way to do post-test analysis.  



 Foreign teachers then shared their plans about the final assessment. Liam said that his final assessment will be an oral test that has two parts. One is that the students will solve various problems in a certain situation using English, the other is that they will answer questions on the scrips written in Chinese. Liam mentioned that he will provide assistance for students with different levels. This test is not only a test about students’ language, but also a test about their ability to apply it into practice. Also, this will help students who are developing language, which will ensure students feel confident to use the language.  


Robert 外教的考試將覆蓋聽力,口語,閱讀和寫作四個方面??疾鞂W生對詞匯音、形、意的掌握,造句書寫能力以及語言的實際應用能力。這樣的測評方式主要是為了幫學生夯實英語基礎,為升入高年級做好鋪墊。

Robert said that his assessment consists of four parts: listening, speaking, reading and writing. This is mainly to test students on their vocabulary, including the spelling, pronunciation and meaning , their knowledge of grammar as well as their ability to use it in practice. The purpose of this test is to consolidate students’ foundation and get them prepared for going into the higher grades.  



Paulette and Tarun mentioned that the portfolio and assessment will be the final assessment for grade one high-end English classes. Teachers will collect and select students work throughout the term, then put them into students portfolios. They will comment on students’ work. Using portfolio as an assessment too is not only age-appropriate for lower-grade students, but also allows more accurate evaluation of students’ performance and study. It in-turn allows teachers to plan and deliver lessons based on individual needs, which will further promote students development.


After the presentation from all the foreign teachers, Song expressed her appreciation to everyone for their sharing and hard work. Meanwhile, she encouraged teachers to try their proposed methods of assessment. There will be further discussion on the results of the final assessment to see how it works. It’s hoped that we learn from these experiences and develop each method to enhance the assessment in new semester and in new academic year. Long term, assessment will not only be beneficial to students, but also to teachers to refine their teaching skills. In this way, the high-end English program will enhance learning for everyone involved.


(供稿:小學高端英語教育項目組 編輯:王天慈)